Wolf-Dietrich Heyer

  • Distinguished Professor & Department Chair
Mechanism and Regulation of Recombinational DNA Repair
Life Sciences room 3163

Neil Hunter

  • Professor
Homologous Recombination and Post-Translational Protein Modification in Meiosis
Briggs Hall room 347C

Chang-il Hwang

  • Assistant Professor
Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations in Pancreatic Cancer Progression
Briggs Hall room 241B

Stephen Kowalczykowski

  • Distinguished Professor
Biochemical Mechanisms of DNA Recombination & Single-molecule Visualization of Protein-DNA Interactions
Briggs Hall room 310

Su-Ju Lin

  • Professor
Regulation of NAD+ Homeostasis and Cellular Life Span
Briggs Hall room 342

Rebecca Parales

  • Professor
Bacterial Degradation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons & Man-made Environmental Pollutants
Briggs Hall room 226

Mitchell Singer

  • Professor
Microbial Development, Gene Regulation, & Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression
Briggs Hall room 268

Lifeng Xu

  • Associate Professor
Telomere Maintenance in Human Normal Cells & Cancer Cells
Briggs Hall room 341A

Research Faculty

John Meeks

  • Research Professor
Cellular Differentiation in Filamentous Cyanobacteria - Symbiotic Interactions
Briggs Hall room 209

Douglas Nelson

  • Research Professor
Ecology, Physiology, & Genetics of Chemoautotrophic Sulfur Bacteria
Briggs Hall room 355B

Michael Savageau

  • Distinguished Professor
Mathematical & Computational Models Applied to Biological Systems
Briggs Hall room 228