Offered by MMG Department (2019-2020 Academic Year)

Course Catalog Title Quarters Offered
BIS 2A Introductory Biology F, W, Sp
BIS 10 Everyday Biology F, W, Sp
MIC 10 Natural History of Infectious Diseases W
MIC 91/191 Introduction to Research Sp
MIC 102 Introductory Microbiology F, W, Sp
MIC 103L Introductory Microbiology Laboratory F, W, Sp
MIC 104L General Microbiology Laboratory F, W
MIC 105 Microbial Diversity W
MIC 105L Microbial Diversity Lab W, Sp
MIC 111 Human Microbiology F
MIC 115 Recombinant DNA Cloning & Analysis W
MIC 117/217 Analysis of Molecular Genetic Circuits Sp
MIC 120 Microbial Ecology Sp
MIC 162 General Virology W
MIC 170 Yeast Molecular Genetics Sp
MIC 172 Host-Parasite Interactions Sp
MIC 175 Cancer Biology Sp