Frequently Asked Questions

Microbiology (MIC) Major

  • How can I change my major to Microbiology?
  • You will need to make an appointment with one of the peer advisors to set up your schedule plan before you can switch into the Microbiology major.  The peer advisors will provide you with the proper forms.  If you are a transfer student and this is your first quarter, you must wait at least one quarter to establish a UCD GPA.
  • How many units per quarter is normal workload?
  • The normal workload is approximately 15 units per quarter.  This is the average workload required to graduate within 4 years.  Students must complete 39 units per year to be considered a full time.  Distribute your schedule with approximately two science/major courses and a mix of non-major courses to reach the 15 units.  Plan to spend at least 40 hours a week attending classes and studying.


  • Will grades from my community college count towards my GPA at UCD?
  • No.  Grade points from other institutions (except other University of California campuses) are not combined with your UC Davis GPA.  Your GPA from community college remains a separate part of your record.  You will receive units and subject credit only.
  • Who is eligible for an “I” grade?
  • Students must have completed 2/3 of the course work with a passing grade with instructors approval for an “I” grade.
  • How do I get an “I” grade and complete an “I” grade?
  • An “I” grade can be requested with the approval of the instructor.  You have to complete the “I” grade within three quarters of enrollment or the “I” grade will be reverted to a failing grade.
  • Can I take a course P/NP?
  • Students are not allowed to take any courses required for the Microbiology major or courses used for GE breadth as P/NP.
  • If I repeat a course in which I earned a C- or better, what will happen?
  • “Illegal Repeat” will be marked under the course on the transcript and the grade will not count in your GPA.
  • Can I repeat a course more than once?
  • (Variable Units) Students can repeat courses in which they have received a D+ or lower.  The first 16 units repeated will replace the first grade.  After 16 units, both grades are included in the GPA.
    NOTE: Non-standard courses such as variable unit courses (i.e. 98, 99, 190C, 192, 194H, 197T, 198, 199) are graded on a P/NP basis and may be repeated for credit multiple times.

Graduation Procedures

  • How do I apply for graduation?
  • Online Graduation Applications are available at the Registrar.
  • How do I participate in the Commencement ceremony?
  • For Commencement Ceremony participation go to the College of Biological Sciences Commencement website.
  • How do I get a degree check?
  • Go to the BASC to request a degree check for your college requirements. To see if you have completed your Microbiology major requirements, make an appointment at BASC with your Microbiology advisor.
  • How do I order an official transcript?
  • Official transcripts can be requested through the Office of the Registrar.
  • How can I obtain certification that I have completed my degree requirements if I need it for employment or graduate school?
  • Letter of Certifications can be requested from the Office of the Registrar once you have filed for graduation and all requirements and coursework are completed and grades reported.  The form is available at the Registrar.