Heyer Lab Members

Heyer Lab Safety Award Winner

The Heyer Lab is this year's winner in the College of Biological Sciences.

The laboratory of Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Heyer conducts fundamental research in basic cancer biology, is this year's Safety Award Winner in the College of Biological Sciences.

Their work contributes to novel strategies to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer, as well as other human diseases that are affected by genomic stability defects, such as neurodegeneration and neurodevelopment.

Safety procedures involve a consistent infrastructure to review, evaluate, and manage risks as well as to educate, sensitize, and enable lab personnel to maintain a safe laboratory environment. Lab manager Rita Alexeeva oversees a detailed onboarding process to make sure all new personnel have advanced safety training and awareness. The team regularly discusses and reviews safety procedures in their group meetings and also conducts a formal annual refresher safety session. 

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