2021 Akira Okubo Prize

Society for Mathematical Biology

Congratulations to Michael Savageau for receiving the 2021 Akira Okubo Prize of the Society for Mathematical Biology! 

The citation reads: 

Michael Savageau, UC Davis, will receive the Akira Okubo Prize for being a true pioneer, visionary, enabler, teacher and superb mentor in the development and application of innovative theory in biology for over fifty years. He has been instrumental in persistently shaping what is now being recognized as the emerging and crucially important field of systems biology. Since the late 1960s he has been creating and proposing innovative conceptual ideas, methods, and entirely new theoretical structures for approaching the overwhelming complexity of biological systems. Along the way, he laid the foundation for modern ways of thinking about biology that, until recently, were only appreciated by the most progressive of leaders in the area, but are now in the process of moving to the center stage of biology in the form of systems biology.

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